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Here you will find a list of our most frequently asked questions. We try to answer the most common questions here. If you still do not find the answer to your question or inquiry, please contact us so we can help.
Most common questions

How to make order ?

Tell us what product and quatity you need by email to wholesale@aosbolum.com
Our Sales representative will confirm details and send PI to you.
We’ll also need your address and phone number for fast delivery.

How can I get samples ?

We are honored to offer you samples for testing, kindly please email us and tell us what product you are looking for, we will try our best to do as your request. Basicially we ship the free samples and customers should pay for the shipping, and shipping cost will be deducted from future orders.

What payment methods do you accept ?

We accept Wire Transfer for wholesale bulk purchasing and paypal by sample, and we support 30% deposit and 70% before shipment payment policy.

What is the product warranty ?

We warranty all our CBD vape pen wihthin one year. Our commitment is to your satisfaction with our products. In warranty or not, it is our responsibility to address and resolve all customer issues to everyone's satisfaction.

How soon can you ship my order ?

Usually, samples is 1-3 working days and mass order is 10-15 working days according to your order quantity and how fast sample confirmation.

How long will my order take to arrive ?

Depending on which shipping option you choose, the estimated delivery times for our shipping options are as follows:
Shipping will take 10 business days from China to USA.
Shipping will take 5-7 business days from China to Europe.
Shipping will take 15-25 days from China to Russia.
Shipping will take 5-10 business days to Southeast Asia.

Do you have a minimum order quantity ?

Yes, we require all international orders to have an ongoing minimum order quantity and MOQ is 1000pcs for OEM package.

How does your factory do regarding quality control ?

Our quality control department is staffed with 15 skilled employees. All of our products will go through 3 tests before shipping:
First,we shall run full inspection (IQC) on all raw materials.
Second,our IPQC shall test the half-finished products on the production line.
At last,The FQC shall run a full inspection of the finished products all over again before shipping out.
In this case,we can guarantee our qualified rate reach 99.7%.
Other questions

What is CBD vape pen ?

A CBD vape pen is a device used to make and inhale vapor. Most vape pens are small and simple to use, requiring little time to learn. They contain a rechargeable battery that comes pre-charged or may require charging before using the pen. A coil in the vape pen heats cotton soaked with CBD oil, producing a vapor that you can inhale.

What is the strongest CBD vape cartridge ?

The strongest CBD vape pen is full-spectrum. Unlike CBD isolate or CBD broad-spectrum, the full-spectrum has THC. The higher the THC content, the more potent the CBD vape cartridge. Also, vape juice contains additional plant compounds with more benefits.

What is the right amount of CBD vape to smoke ?

There are no set rules and regulations for vaping. Therefore, you can vape a small amount or as much as possible. However, always consider the side effects of excessive vaping, follow the guidelines that come with the CBD cartridge on how much to smoke each day.

Will Vaping CBD Make You High ?

Vaping CBD will not make you high even when you vape broad-spectrum CBD. However, you have to make sure you buy the CBD from a reputable dealer who carefully follows the guidelines and best practices for handling CBD products. It's easy for the CBD to be contaminated if you buy low-quality CBD, which can have high amounts of THC causing you to be high.

Can CBD vape pen really calm your anxiety ?

Some research suggests that CBD may improve anxiety. CBD can attenuate anxiety and mood disorders and can also relieve hypertension and chronic pain, as well as other conditions that may impact mood. Stress relief can also be a benefit that helps to relieve anxiety.

How to use a CBD vape pen ?

CBD vape pens are easy to use, even for beginners. All you have to do is:
Get the extract tank and threaded battery and attach them.
Put your mouth on the mouthpiece and inhale, wait for the battery to activate once it senses the airflow.
Exhale the vapor from the pen and enjoy.

What to consider when choosing a CBD strength for your vape ?

Firstly,you need to choose a product that is right for you. There are many different products available, so it is important that you understand each one before making your decision. The first thing you will want to look at is the type of CBD they have in their product. This can be anything from pure hemp extract to highly concentrated and potent CBD oil. You will also want to make sure that they have the right amount of CBD in their product.

Secondly,there are many different products available on the market today, so it is important that you find one that has all of these factors in mind. You should look for products that contain only natural ingredients as well as ones that contain only organic ingredients. You should also look for a company that uses only the highest quality of ingredients possible when creating its products.

Finally,the next thing you need to consider is the potency of the CBD oil in their product. The potency level of CBD oil varies greatly depending on several factors such as its concentration level, concentration method, and extraction process.

How to use CBD oil in a CBD vape pen ?

If you're using a disposable CBD vape pen, you have nothing to worry about. Disposable CBD vape pens come pre-filled with CBD vape juice, all you have to do is fire up the vape device and start vaping.

If you’re using a refillable vape pen, make sure it's designed to work with concentrates and waxes. If the CBD pen meets all the requirements, you have to load the CBD into the tank of the refillable pen. It’s important that you take time finding the right CBD vape e-liquids as opposed to taking CBD oil and mixing it with an ordinary vape liquid.Even though CBD vape oil works well with vape pens designed to work with concentrates, you should never vape CBD oil using pens for dry herbs.

Is it legal to buy a CBD vape pen ?

It depends on the jurisdiction you are residing in. For instance, in the UK and Ireland it is legal to use a vape pen, however, other EU countries have different rules. We recommend that you check your local legislation before purchasing a CBD vape pen to ensure you are complying with the law.

What is Delta-8 and What Makes it Different ?

Delta-8 is a compound of that is derived from the hemp plant which is similar to that of the compound from the cannabis plant THC. THC is the compound that is known to give you that euphoric high that people seek when smoking weed. Essentially, Delta-8 gives you the same kind of high although maybe just not as intense.Basically, both of THC products but one is extracted from hemp with is legal and one is extracted from cannabis which isn’t entirely legal as of yet.

Is it legal to use Delta-8 ?

According to the 2018 US Farm Bill, it is legal to consume Delta-8 because these goods are made with marijuana and have 0.3% or less present in the product. As a result, Delta-8 is entirely lawful to use in most states. On the other hand, other states have regulations prohibiting the purchase or use of Delta-8 and they have taken steps to ban or heavily restrict delta 8 within state. If you wish to consume these vapes, be sure you know the regulations in your area.